Bisexual friends

I believe in our side, there must be a lot of different friends, such as gay friends, bisexual friends. Also should not be different actually, just under the background of the heterosexual mainstream society, is different from other heterosexual sexual orientation but is thought to be different. But that does not mean that we these friends are inferior, in fact, whether straight, gay and lesbian, or bisexual people, all of us are equal.
bisexual friendsBisexual is a special group, they can with the opposite sex already, also can with gay, all of them have a lot of friends, and every one of us, is likely to be meet bisexual friends. For bisexual friends, they are more broad range of options, whether it is a love, or friendship, they can choose from among both sexes, that are heterosexual group and gay group will not be able to do it. Of course, this also doesn’t count as advantage, on the contrary, many bisexual friends instead of headache this problem, because the characteristics of their own, a lot of people for their rebellion, even some people are bored with bisexual.

Also has a lot of bisexual hope can find more friends, they like some bisexual dating sites, bisexual BBS for dating, they often at to find and they have the same problem of bisexual friends, also can discuss topics of bisexual. Compared with heterosexual friends and gay, they prefer the bisexual friend, because the bisexual have more in common between friends, also can produce more topics, even the last may be further developed into bisexual couples.

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