Bisexual group

Bisexual group is one of the greatest population in the world. Have to say, bisexual love is great, they made a great contribution for equal love. “Love has nothing to do with sex, have nothing to do with sexual orientation.” Bisexual group very good interpretation of this sentence. Love between opposite sex is normal, same-sex love is precious, and bisexual love is great. A lot of bisexual people all across this step, down the path of two kinds of love, we should encourage bisexual people, rather than despise them.


Although bisexual love is great, but at the same time, their love is difficult, after all, bisexual, both different from straight, it is also different from gay, but in an independence outside of these two kinds of sexual orientation orientation. In this way, a lot of heterosexual people and gay people will have a misunderstanding on bisexual, even some people will also attack the bisexual. As you can imagine, in the mainstream society of the heterosexual, bisexual life also is very not easy. Many bisexual friends once said that “we do not discriminate against heterosexual and homosexual love, why discrimination our love”.

Fortunately, in recent years, bisexual population continued to grow, more and more bisexual friend brave in the face of life, there are a lot of bisexual people out of the ark, for bi group has won more and more. There is even a lot of bisexual dating sites, help the bisexual singles to find the right partner. I believe that someday, bisexual is no longer a vulnerable groups, they can get everyone’s respect and recognition.

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