Bisexual love

Bisexual is like a man, and like a woman, if it is true love, is can give more than one person at the same time, love true love is not race, gender restrictions. But in fact, in straight for the mainstream society, bisexual is considered to be weird, don’t be heterosexual and homosexual understood, heterosexual love is possible, also can same-sex love, then it can be also can judge bisexual love, their nature is to the opposite sex love and same-sex love.

In general, bisexual can hide in a heterosexual population, also can hide in the gay community. But in modern society, more and more bisexual people choose out of the ark, they hope to legitimate went out to meet bisexual friends. There are bisexual’s own reasons, more important is the cause of the society. With the progress of human civilization, people’s thought is also in constant change, gender is no longer a problem, sexual orientation, more is not a problem.

Part and bisexual people, their life has two sides, due to various reasons, they don’t want to come out, so choose to hide their sexual orientation, and silently on some bisexual dating sites, looking for other bisexual friends, although not as good as other bisexual people so free, but also can obtain very good meet.

Bi is a is in the group, in the development of trust with the change of human ideas, bisexual can cast off the yoke of the cultural system, finally recognised by all people. Love is great, and free, bisexual love is correct.

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