Bisexuality exists

Even up to now, still have a few people don’t believe in bisexuality exists. They believe that the essence of bisexual is homosexual or heterosexual, and as a bisexual also is just a transitional period, this wrong view is still continue. As a matter of fact, bisexual more than exist, and large number, at our side, everywhere is the presence of bisexual, even many heterosexual and homosexual, bisexual people. In fact now, most bisexual already there is no need to hide their sexual orientation, most of them choose out of the closet, hope to be able to meet bisexual friends. meet bisexual friendsFor a small number of people, they find it difficult to understand and accept the existence of bisexual. From their perspective, it is hard to imagine how men and women together, at the same time, of course, this is their vision is too narrow, or is not ready to accept this new era of bisexual. Date, of course, they must be afraid bisexual men or bisexual women, but a bisexual dating knows, bisexual is very attractive, they are special, always able to attract others. For bisexual people, their life rich and colorful, life more fulfilling than heterosexual and homosexual, they love their bisexual life. In general, bisexual will experience more, in their childhood, will be able to find different, after also will encounter various difficulties, and then slowly grow up. Most bisexual people after the adult, will be looking for other bisexual friends, they may join some bisexual organization, on some bisexual dating sites, looking for other bisexual single or bisexual couples. I believe that bi is the most perfect a sexual orientation, true love won’t care about gender. When meet bi, we should not fear, but in the face of them, believe them, and believe that bisexuality exists.

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