How to judge the bisexual friends around?

As more and more the emergence of bisexual affection net play, more and more people began to re-examine bisexual topic, many heterosexual friends began to question, how to judge the bisexual friends around? Today is to answer this question, you can refer to
bisexual friendsThe first is to emphasize that sex is not equal to sexual orientation. Many people believe that sex is equivalent to a sign of sexual orientation. They think if a person also have sexual contact with two kinds of gender, or sexual behavior, means that the person is bisexual. In fact, as I’ve said many times, this cognitive is wrong, this is the confusion of sexual orientation and sexual behavior. Human sexual behavior, not only for birth or pleasure. In fact, neither gay people, or straight people, as long as it is normal people, they can complete sex with both sexes. This is not a bisexual people unique properties. So, sex only as a reference, not can be used to determine a person’s sexual orientation.

Second, only you can determine their own sexual orientation. Sexual orientation judgment only depend on oneself, this is mainly judged by two factors: one is the sexual desire, what kind of sex is sexual attraction and sexual impulses; Another is the emotional desire, or individual, of which gender has strong, we wish to establish close relationships with desire. For bisexual friends, they couples, both straight and gay, will produce sexual impulse and sexual attraction, and this can only be found on their own.

Believe that now you can see, we are not able to definitely determine other people’s sexual orientation. But is now a personality open society, few people would deliberately concealing the real sexual orientation, we more are just curious about bisexual.

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