More and more bisexual friends appear in our life

Before, when people talk about bi, will feel doubt, what is a bisexual. But now, more and more bisexual friends appear in our life, both bisexual men and bisexual women, and bisexual single, bisexual couples. In this world, there are heterosexual, gay, bisexual, asexual, such as a number of groups, they essentially no difference, just sexual orientation is not the same.
meet bisexual friends
I want to know now a lot of people are bisexual, even our relatives and friends, is bisexual. Maybe in real life, view of bisexual and attitude is not good, but this does not mean that the bisexual people is bad, doesn’t mean bisexual orientation is a wrong sexual orientation. I always insist that sexual orientation is not right or wrong, whether you are a straight, lesbian, or bisexual, everyone is equal, the key is lies in the individual, not because of sexual orientation to judge a person’s good or bad. Even if we meet bisexual friends, also have to see them correctly, and can’t discriminate against them.

A lot of people think bi should be a wide range of the circle of friends, whether heterosexual, homosexual, or other groups, bisexual can contact with them, however, a lot of bisexual people was the discrimination of others, why also is many and varied. But as these years, people thought more open, and bisexual also had a lot of people’s understanding, their circle of friends is becoming more and more widely. Even there are a lot of bisexual couples, they go out to have bisexual dating, go to find other bisexual friends.

Anyway, bisexual has been moving in the right direction on the development, more and more bisexual people choose out of the closet, they are willing to disclose their sexual orientation, let the whole world can realize the existence of bisexual, it also help people better understand bisexual. I believe that one day, all people can accept bisexual, everyone can equal life.

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