Tell your friend that you are bisexual

Bisexual are generally considered to be negative, in fact this is wrong, most of bisexual cognition is caused by ignorance, in fact, so far, still have a lot of people don’t understand bisexual. Friends can understand your way of life, also can accept your different, and your friend talk about bi can improve your confidence, let you pay more attention to, and let them know, bisexual, you are the one of theier bisexual friend. So how do you tell your friends are you bisexual?
bisexual picYou must choose to tell them in person. Maybe you will feel difficult to speak, you can try to tell them a serious topic, “Im bisexual, but I don’t have any problems, I am very happy, also very healthy.” Usually, face-to-face conversation may create a strong sense of shock, they in a short period of time may also don’t know how to accept, but the expression of the more close, the more able to reach the final purpose, that is to say, they can more clearly you means, more clearly you are a bisexual people, maybe they want to meet bisexual friends, just you said it.

You must be patient, calm tell your friends. When you tell your friends, you must be sure they know what you are saying. Appropriate to talk about some of your experience, you accept the process of bisexual, let they can understand the process. You can also express you need their support, I believe every bisexual people want to be able to get the support of others, especially family and friends, but sometimes the results always reluctantly, so they didn’t like some bisexual dating sites, to seek the aid of other bisexual. But anyway, you must have patience, slowly waiting for them to accept you.

Must prepare in advance. Conversation may appear all sorts of problems in the process, you may need to answer a few questions, but your answer must help to them, let them try to accept bisexual. Also, you must have a failure of preparation, keep your courage, never say die.

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