We need more bisexual friends

Along with the social development, gay has been accepted, but there are still many people have prejudice and misunderstanding of bisexual. Normal, bisexual as mating most widely in the field of a group, more than heterosexual and homosexual advantage, we often meet bisexual friends, but in fact, a lot of bisexual friend can’t find the right partner. The main reason is because their advantage is too big, other heterosexual groups and gay groups on their bias is great.
Meet bisexual friendsWe can learn that other groups of bisexual people negative attitude will affect bisexual population health, both psychological and physiological aspects of health. When bisexual people know their sexual orientation is not accepted by the company, most of the bi will become negative, and they will think isolated from the world, but also it is difficult to find other people talk, finally will choose to hide their sexual orientation. There are also some bisexual friends after exposed the sexual orientation, will be affected by other people’s discrimination and exclusion, and even hurt. That is to say, both bisexual men, and bisexual women, they will also face prejudice from gay and straight, humiliation and discrimination, which can lead to the bisexual group thought they were isolated and marginalized, in the long term, bisexuals may face deep depression and other health problems.

Actually, bisexual need more and more people can understand, they also need more friends, they think only bisexual friends to a better understanding of both sides, so they are often on some bisexual dating sites, looking for other bisexual. I believe that with the continuous development of society, bisexual can also like gay, finally accepted by everyone, by everyone is equal.

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