bisexual friends

We need more bisexual friends

Along with the social development, gay has been accepted, but there are still many people have prejudice and misunderstanding of bisexual. Normal, bisexual as mating most widely in the field […]

Bi is not alone

Bi is not alone. Now, there are a lot of bisexual people live in our side, we also often meet bisexual friends. Most of their life habits and we are […]

Bisexual friends

I believe in our side, there must be a lot of different friends, such as gay friends, bisexual friends. Also should not be different actually, just under the background of […]

Meet bisexual friends

Studies have pointed out that the majority of people are bisexual, whether heterosexual group, or gay group, have a lot of bisexual people. Due to not being approved, they hide […]


Bisexual group is one of the greatest population in the world. Have to say, bisexual love is great, they made a great contribution for equal love. “Love has nothing to […]

Free to have bisexual dating

In human sexuality, for people of both sexes sexual attraction or sexual arousal orientation known as bisexual. Bisexual people more and more now, or the number of it is not […]


In general, a person’s heart can be attracted people from a particular gender, and each people are attractive may be different. Straight people are come from the opposite sex appeal, […]

Bisexual love

Bisexual is like a man, and like a woman, if it is true love, is can give more than one person at the same time, love true love is not […]

Bisexual people

In this pluralistic society, sexual orientation also have a lot of kinds, heterosexual, gay, bisexual, asexual, etc. Although every personality orientation are equal, but in fact, in this heterosexual mainstream […]