Bisexual are the most brave group

At our side, there are a lot of bisexual people chose to come out. They are not afraid of others discrimination, bisexual, and they are also the most brave group, […]

Bisexual orientation

Now open society, the personality have been found to have a variety of sexual orientation, mainly divided into three types of sexual orientation, heterosexual, gay and bisexual. Each are not […]

Bi is not alone

Bi is not alone. Now, there are a lot of bisexual people live in our side, we also often meet bisexual friends. Most of their life habits and we are […]

Bisexual friends

I believe in our side, there must be a lot of different friends, such as gay friends, bisexual friends. Also should not be different actually, just under the background of […]

Meet bisexual friends

Studies have pointed out that the majority of people are bisexual, whether heterosexual group, or gay group, have a lot of bisexual people. Due to not being approved, they hide […]


Bisexual group is one of the greatest population in the world. Have to say, bisexual love is great, they made a great contribution for equal love. “Love has nothing to […]